Michal Válka

Digital artist, programmer, ethical hacker.


Hello! My name is Michal Válka and you might know me under my nickname Warxim.

I am 22 years old boy from Czech Republic and I study Managerial informatics at VUT Faculty of Business and Management in Brno. I am interested in digital art, ethical hacking and also programming.

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Digital Art

I usually draw images from reference (portraits and scenes from movies). However, I also paint concept art (mostly landscapes).


I love programming both web and desktop applications using Java, Javascript and Python.


I'm interested in ethical hacking thanks to the fact that I am programmer and I really enjoy doing penetration tests of websites, servers and network devices.


Red fat monster painting

Red fat monster

Concept art of red fat monster

Portrait of Alysska


Portrait of our dog called "Alysska"

Toxic landscape

Toxic landscape

Concept art of toxic river

Cottage painting

Cottage painting

Painting of your cottage

Gollum painting


Gollum painting from reference

Haciko painting


Haciko painting from reference

Portrait of George Clooney

George Clooney

Portrait of George Clooney

Portrait of Bryan Cranston

Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

Portrait of Bryan Cranston

Portrait of Hugh Laurie

Dr. House (Hugh Laurie)

Portrait of Hugh Laurie


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